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ATS Training

Employee operating machinery Safety helmet on table
Safety helmet on table Employee operating machinery

Empowering Technicians and Industry Through Knowledge and Skill Development

Advanced Technology Services, Inc. (ATS), a renowned global industrial services provider, has remained at the forefront of the maintenance industry for over three decades. Leveraging a technically skilled workforce, the best processes, and cutting-edge Industry 4.0 technologies, we strive to provide improved uptime to the world's leading manufacturers. Above all, we stand by our mission: "We make factories run better."

Being a people company, our culture is fundamentally built on four pillars – Live Safety, Value Employees, Engage Customers, Drive Results. We commit to fostering a working environment that puts the personal wellbeing and professional development of our employees first. We proudly support this commitment through our robust ATS Maintenance Technician and Leadership Development Programs.

ATS Maintenance Technician Development Program

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Forging the Technicians of the Future

Our technician development program is designed to quickly develop technical skills and hone the craft of our maintenance technicians, whether you are an entry-level or a highly skilled technician. The program's primary goal is to advance your career by progressively building upon your existing skills.

Every year, we technically assess our technicians and put together personalized technical development plans to hone your craft. For the personalized technical development plans, ATS uses the 70-20-10 development model, emphasizing the importance of on-the-job experience. The 70-20-10 development model consists of seventy percent on the job training, twenty percent dedicated to coaching or mentoring, and ten percent consisting of classroom or online training. This dynamic approach ensures that our technicians are not only equipped with the theoretical knowledge but also the practical experience necessary to excel in their roles.

Our technical training covers a comprehensive range of topics, including Electrical, Electronic, Motor Drives, PLC, CNC, Robotics, Automation, Mechanical, Precision, Fluid Power, Rigging, and HVAC. This robust blend of classroom instruction and on-the-floor training, combined with our proven SkillPoint™ technical training curriculum, accelerates your learning journey.

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Technician Progression Program

Employee wearing ATS lab coat inspecting data on a tablet Employee using a thermal camera
Employee using a thermal camera Employee wearing ATS lab coat inspecting data on a tablet

A Platform for Accelerated and Sustainable Career Growth

ATS values the growth and retention of its talent. Our Technician Progression Program is designed with clear criteria and checkpoints to ensure consistent progression and long-term career development. With a timeframe set out for each role, this program offers a structured pathway to advancement.

Through this program, technicians like Michael N., Scott D., Jody G., Joseph B., Quaveon C., and Shelly W. have gained invaluable experience and skills. Their stories reflect the power of persistence, the importance of continuous learning, and the need for strong professional relationships in achieving their goals.

Technician Training Brochure

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Advance your career as a technician

The ATS Maintenance Technician Development Program is specifically designed for Maintenance Technicians to quickly develop their technical skills and hone their craft in order to advance their careers.

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